Least Popular Posts of 2014

If you missed a post over the course of the past year, it was probably one of these. Fairly or unfairly, here are a handful of what have proven to be the least popular posts from 2014:

  • Cities are a Failed Experiment / January 21, 2014
    Human beings are a part of nature but the alien and artificial habitat of the city is not.

  • The Infrastructure of Totalitarianism / January 24, 2014
    [T]he future is already taking hold.  Levandowski says that to his three year old child, Adam, “everything’s a robot”.

  • WIRED Advises We Submit to Tech’s Embrace / March 13, 2014
    In two recent opinion pieces appearing in WIRED (March 10, 2014), the publication’s tech enthusiasts have seemingly taken on the tone of rape apologists or perhaps the tone of rapists and abusers themselves.
  • Without a Word for Animal / April 22, 2014
    Can we avoid having our minds warped with speciesim given language that we seemingly have little alternative but to employ?

  • Speaking for Animals…or Why You’re Not the Lorax / May 5, 2014
    Rats lean toward escalating tactics while mice are generally more concerned that such actions may provide a pretext for increased government repression.

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