Everything is Earth

Everything is earth
Stone, bone, and blood
All from a common source
The limbs of a tree and
The limbs of a child
Are all shape-shifting between
Animate and inanimate forms.

Everything is earth
And everything is borrowed flesh,
Walking, crawling, swimming,
Slithering, or soaring
Such fluid forms can only feign stability
At times alive and at times dead
But always in transition.

Everything is earth
Tree sap and skeletons
Webbed feet and cloven hooves
Mushroom caps and spider webs
What you are today
You will not be tomorrow
Yet have always been earth.

You will be reborn and reformed innumerable times
But you will not be you as you know yourself now
But rather will take every conceivable role
Exploiting every available niche
The shape of a star and
The swirl of a snail
You are the earth come alive.


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