Some People Have Blogs, Others Have Matches


“Fire has shut down fur farms, closed slaughterhouses, and destroyed years of animal abusers research. It is the A.L.F. tactic abusers fear most, precisely because it is the biggest threat to their work. That should be sufficient as a selling point for anyone serious about animal liberation.”
Peter Young

Walter Bond is a prisoner in the Control Management Unit (CMU) at Marion federal prison.  His anticipated release date is currently set for March 21, 2021.  He received a 12 year sentence for three arsons carried out as an Animal Liberation Front operative targeting the Tandy Leather Factory (Salt Lake City, Utah), the Tiburon Restaurant (Sandy, Utah), and the Sheepskin Factory (Denver, Colorado).  Fires set at each location resulted in damages that collectively totaled over half a million dollars.

I have been corresponding with Walter since 2010 when he was arrested for these actions.  In the course of this correspondence and from Walter’s public writings, I was excited to learn that Walter is an individual with a very broad perspective.  He identifies as an anarcho-primitivist and therefore in addition to uncompromising support for veganism, he also condemns domestication, mass society, advanced technology, and civilization.  As I have argued before, animal liberation requires such far reaching goals even if most vegans and animal rights advocates fail to trace the consequences of their own position that far.

Walter therefore has the potential to link two fringe communities that could benefit from dialogue and collaboration but frequently tend to be dismissive of one another: the animal rights community and the primitivist or anti-civilization community.  Drawing out those connections has been, in part, what has motivated me to create the Uncivilized Animals blog.

Finally, I share this information today because today–April 16–is Walter’s birthday.  It is another birthday that he will spend it in a cage because he took concrete action to defend our animal relations and lashed out at those who torment them.

Please consider providing some tangible support to Walter.  That may be in the form of written correspondence, sending money to his commissary fund, or getting him a book from his wish list.  Checking out his book list is also a good way to learn about some of his current interests which may be useful when writing a letter.

Walter risked—and ultimately sacrificed—his freedom for the sake of others.  It is vitally important that he receive our support both for his sake and so that those considering similarly bold actions know that if apprehended that they will likewise be supported.


1 thought on “Some People Have Blogs, Others Have Matches

  1. Thanks Ian for enlightening me about all of this. If a CMU unit at Marion isn’t torture I can’t imagine what WOULD be considered that. I have never heard the term anarcho-primitivist before. It will be interesting to learn more about it and all that you have written about in this post. I’m enjoying your blog. THis is Elizabeth Myers by the way. Voulaird1 is my WordPress account name.

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